Grant Montgomery – Grant’s Rants on
International Aid and Our Global Responsibility
Who Helps the World's Poor
On average, Americans are of the opinion that 24% of the federal budget goes toward foreign aid. --In actuality, less than 1% does. 

Another little known fact: The United States ranks last among the world's 28 top foreign aid donor countries and its foreign assistance have dropped dramatically over the past dozen or so years, according to the United Nations Human Development Report. Furthermore, the priority of US “foreign aid” is arms and military assistance to foreign countries. 

When you look at countries' foreign aid relative to the size of their economies, the United States is devoting 0.1 per cent of its gross national product (GNP) to help the world's poorest countries, less than any other industrialized nation. 

The generosity of the American people themselves, however, is far more impressive than that of the U.S. government. Read more on the subject


Grant Montgomery on Intern'l Aid and Our Global Responsibility