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Money Wasted on War

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan together in a conservative single-week estimate [cost the U.S.] $3.5 billion. Remember, that's PER WEEK!

By contrast, per YEAR:  Washington spends a total of just $7 billion per year on combating global warming. (Or a whopping two weeks' worth of war costs.)

 -William D. Hartun, director of the Arms and Security Initiative at the New America Foundation

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U.S. military spending is the largest item in the federal budget.

Among other line items one might question, does the U.S. really need 750 bases and troops in well over 100 countries?

Americans are losing their jobs and homes, children are hungry--and America's wars appear to have aggravated all these domestic woes.

 A central question, that took far too long to resolve, was whether Iraq was really the best place to invest $411 million every day in present spending alone.

The bill on the Iraqi War alone accumulated at the rate of almost $5,000 every second!

Granted, the cost estimates are squishy and controversial, partly because the $12.5 billion a month that were made to pay for waging the Iraq War is only a down payment. We'll still be making disability payments to Iraq war veterans 50 years from now.

Using official budget figures, William D. Hartung, Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute in New York, provides a number of helpful comparisons:
- At $141.7 billion, the 2008 spent on the Iraq war is larger than the military budgets of China and Russia combined.

- The military proposal is more than 30 times higher than all spending on State Department operations and non-military foreign aid combined.

- U.S. military spending is larger than the combined gross domestic products (GDP) of all 47 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Grant’s Rants on International Aid and Our Global Responsibility